Interview- Michael Sisco US Congressional Candidate

Recently our CEO and host of The Chris Russell Show, Chris Russell, interviewed a Republican congressional candidate for the West Virginia 1st district, Michael Sisco. In the interview there were several very hot topics discussed as Chris set his aim on getting to know and really pulling from Mr. Sisco, his stances on very important conservative topics. Everything from Immigration to the 2nd amendment was on the table and to be honest, it was a very good interview. I think Chris did a good job of digging in and asking very positional questions to fully understand where Mr. Sisco was placing his values and principles in his run for a republican seat in congress.

A little background on Michael. He was in the Maryland and Florida National Guard and served our country as an infantryman. As front lines as it gets. As Mr. Sisco states in the interview which you can find on your favorite podcasting platform for the Chris Russell Show, he spent some working his way into politics. He started of volunteering for Trump Victory, which led to a position in a congressional campaign, then moved to West Virginia to get away and refocus. After January 6th ,[attack on the capital in Washington D.C.] he decided he wanted to get in the fold for being a candidate himself.

That lead to his focusing on the current congressional seat, in West Virginias 1st District, and ultimately to the podcast for the interview. I will provide a breakdown of some of the key topics and elements, but for our readers, if you want to know more about Mr. Sisco and especially if you are in West Virginia and want to know who to vote for, go to Mr. Siscos website and get more info on his positions and values.

Chis asked Mr. Sisco on his positions on immigration. It was quite interesting. He specifically stated he supports a 10 year moratorium on all immigration into the United States. He was very focused on the amount of legal immigration, stating that excluding the illegal immigration that under the current administration is going almost un-checked, the U.S. still legally emigrates over 1 million citizens each year. This is by far the most of any country in the world and the strain on resources and infrastructure needs to be put into focus, hence his support of a moratorium.

Voter ID
They then went on to talk about voter identification and got some good dialogue on the topic.
Chris asked him what he thought of voter ID laws-
Mike responded, “I agree with them, the idea, for as much as they [media] gaslight, but the idea that a portion of a population can’t figure out how to get an ID, like the $25 to get one here in West Virginia, is mind boggling. Its suppressing fraud… that this is even a question about having valid results, we should want to have voter ID laws.”
Chris- you need an ID to drink, to go to the club, it’s the same everywhere. But the act of voting, electing our leaders who will govern our country essentially, no you don’ t have to prove who you are, just sign some papers say you are ‘so and so’ and that’s good enough for me.” [sarcastically]
Then Chris pointed out some information on Mail in ballots- from 2012-2018 there are over 28 million mail in ballots that are unaccounted for. The sheer volume of this should raise issues with election security, Chris stated from a source.
Michael agreed.

Chris- How can we make our elections more secure?
Michael- The obvious thing is action in the states, like in Georgia, [passing voter ID laws]. Fortify them from fraud. You had Judges this round [2020] that didn’t take cases because they were afraid of riots. We need judges not afraid to hear legitimate cases and we need to identify BLM and Antifa for what they are, terrorist groups.”
The back and forth on this topic was very good and in-depth.

Family Values-

Chris- What will you do to foster strong familial bonds in the United States?

Mike- “Our birth rates are below sustainment levels because we incentivize all the wrong things. I would Model programs similar to Poland and Hungary, pay people to get married and have kids. We are at the point we don’t have a choice. If we don’t fix our families, we don’t have a future. “

2nd Amendment-
Chris- what do you think of the second amendment?

Mike- I certainly agree with it, it is every person’s inherent right to protect themselves with the best technology available.
States have to push back. West Virginia just became a “sanctuary state” for the 2nd amendment.
When asked about the push by the current administration to take guns or make them inaccessible. “Local politics is extremely important. We have to have a last stand against the feds on these infringements. It really comes down to the states.”

During this they got onto some very comical banter about governors and who is the worst. Chris was stating that being in Michigan is “horrible” because of Gretchen Whitmer. Then he bantered into talk of what he called the “three stooges” which comprised of Whitmer, [Gavin] Newsome, [Andrew] Cuomo. Chris said they are “the worst”.

Talking of the second amendment again, Mr. Sisco discussed an Op-Ed he wrote recently talking about how important the second amendment is to self-protection, and the recent violent streaks with antifa and BLM. He cited his comparison to the Chinese murderer Mao Zedong. “Mao had a ‘red guard’ who ran around doing state sanctioned violence. BLM and Antifa are eerily similar to that.“
Then they began to wrap up on the discussion of life.

Pro Life
Chris- Are you pro-life and why?
Mike- “I am pro-life- at conception, per the science, the baby has its own DNA strand and is a human being. I am an orthodox Christian; I believe in the sanctity of life.”

The interview was all of an hour and forty minutes. It was a very good dialogue between the two and from the positions, you could feel the sincerity and honesty in Mr. Sisco and his very real conservative positions on all the major issues. I would strongly encourage West Virginians to check him out and see how he lines up compared to their values and needs.
I want to thank our CEO for doing the interview and asking some very thoughtful and challenging questions. There were no “soft balls” and each topic was covered very decisively to a position.
Until the next interview-

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