Impeachment articles filed against governor Whitmer

State Rep Matt Maddock (R), has filed paperwork in the Michigan House to start impeachment proceedings against Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. As governor Whitmer takes Michigan into another “partial” shutdown. Where gym visits are permitted, but thanksgiving with family members is to be limited. After a very odd press conference where Whitmer advised Michigan residents not to hug anyone on Thanksgiving.

Maddock in an interview with the Gateway Pundint said, “Something had to be done. She’s ruining this great state. Small businesses and most dine-in restaurants will be dead by the end of the year. She’s caused the death of many vulnerable elderly people who died alone, scared, and pointlessly. This was long overdue.” Speaking of her policy returning nursing home patients to nursing homes and risking the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable in the State. 

The petition entitled “Impeach Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer NOW,” which is gaining steam and already at more than 8,000 signatures and can be found at Petition · Impeach Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer NOW ·   states Whitmer, “has proven to not only be an inadequate leader in a time of crisis, choosing to use her power to increase unnecessary government overreach.” It also states how some of the overreach due to her “Fighting with the president for political clout…” is Whitmer quote, “PREVENTING DOCTORS FROM USING CHLOROQUINE FOR OFF LABEL USE EVEN THOUGH IT HAS SHOWN TO BE EFFECTIVE TREATMENT.” She has gone as far to say the petition says that she will remove any doctor’s ability to practice medicine should they be caught prescribing hydroxy chloroquine to treat covid-19 patients. 

This despite several studies such as the one done at Henry Ford showing it to be an effective treatment against covid-19. In a large-scale retrospective analysis of 2,541 patients hospitalized between March 10 and May 2, 2020 across the Henry Ford’s system six hospitals, the study found 13% of those treated with hydroxychloroquine alone died compared to 26.4% not treated with hydroxychloroquine. None of the patients had documented serious heart abnormalities; however, patients were monitored for a heart condition. 

This added to another “three-week pause” order or what some have called another partial shutdown imposed within the state. The restrictions include closing work places when the work can be done from home, temporarily halting in person instruction at high schools and colleges; suspending indoor dine-in services at restaurants and bars; and halting school athletics. It also closes businesses she deems as non-essential such as movie theaters, bowling allies, and arcades. 

Joining the fight Michigan State Rep. Beau LaFave tweeted that he has also filed a resolution against Gov. Whitmer. Stating “The four articles of impeachment against Gov. Whitmer failing to respect the separation of powers by exercising power granted to the legislative branch, violating the constitutional right of the people of Michigan, issuing executive orders against the interests of the people and state, and using state resources to reward political allies.” LaFave wrote. While many agree that “state law grants emergency powers to the Governor for the purpose of responding to immediate crises, but the Governor may only act in a manner that is consistent with the constitutionally mandated separation of powers.” LaFave also went on to say, “The state constitution does not permit the Governor to bypass the legislative process nor does it empower her to unilaterally make or amend laws for the protection of public health.” State reps also referring to the fact of the Michigan supreme court also finding that Whitmer did exceed her authority by working unilaterally without the consent of the state legislature which is elected by the people to represent the interests of the people. 

It still remains to be seen what will happen with these impeachment motions. The state house of representatives does have the power to impeach elected officials while in office by a majority vote under Michigan’s constitution, but it would take a two-thirds majority in the Senate where democrats control 42 percent of the seats.

In response to the impeachment proposal, Whitmer’s spokesperson Tiffany Brown, told the Detroit News that the governor was focused on combatting the coronavirus at the moment and “Gov. Whitmer doesn’t have any time for partisan politics or people who don’t wear masks, don’t believe in science and don’t have a plan to fight this virus.” Brown said.



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