Illegal border crossings hit a new milestone under Biden administration

U.S. Border patrol agents have been battling a non-stop swath of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border. Agents assigned to the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Del Rio, Big Bend and El Paso have apprehended over 1.2 million migrants in 2022 alone according to the August Southwest Land Border Encounters report. When one considers the other 4 additional southwest border sectors that brings the total apprehended this year to almost 2,000,000.

In the Rio Grande alone Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens reports the highest number of apprehensions with 440,423 migrants taken into custody. Del Rio came in second with an apprehension rate of 428,555 migrants.

Governor Greg Abbott has told Biden something must be done about this border crisis but as of yet his pleas have fallen on deaf ears. As a result Texas the Governor responded by transporting migrants to designated democrat sanctuary cities of New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C. busing approximately 11,375 migrants out of Texas to these Democrat run cities according to reports. The democrats have designated these sanctuary cities so Governor Abbott has made it clear if the Democrats want them there we’ll send them to them.






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