How we can become more than conquerors (series) part – 1

Living the Christian life isn’t always easy. In fact, we are often forced to deal with difficulties and struggles. At times we surrender to defeat and feel as if we lack the ability to overcome. I am sure we have all dealt with moments of insecurity, while lacking the faith necessary to continue. The enemy loves for us to live in fear and uncertainty. While we are immobilized with fear, we are accomplishing little for the cause of Christ.

However, the Lord desires us to live victorious lives in Him. We can overcome in Christ. We are more than conquerors in Him. Judges 6:11-16 reveals desperate and difficult days for the people of God. They were living in the Promised Land but had strayed from the Lord and forsaken Him. In an act of divine chastisement, God had allowed the Midianites to overtake Israel and the people suffered under their heavy hand. Often in times of difficulty God will raise up one to lead His people out of bondage and into victory.
Gideon was an unlikely candidate, but God chose to use him. Often the Lord uses the weak and inadequate to accomplish His will. We find ourselves in desperate days, but God is looking for those who will stand for Him despite the difficulties of our day. This will require a strong faith and sacrifice on our part, but it can be done. Gideon wouldn’t have been chosen by his peers to lead this charge; but they hadn’t called, God had! We may think that we’re unable, but God can empower us to overcome. As we go through this series dealing with Conquerors, I will consider the factors in Gideon’s
life that eventually resulted in victory as we think on and hopefully overcome our reluctance.



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