How to avoid the Race Baiting Trap

It is the year 2021.  The election has passed, and the establishment republicans and democrats can’t be any further apart in their support for their candidates. One of the biggest polarizing topics between the two parties is race.  Democrats say republicans are racists when they lose an argument on merits.  While they, the democrats, simultaneously support racist policies (affirmative action) and organizations (Black Lives Matter).  So, when you are arguing, hopefully peacefully, with your liberal leftist friends, here are a few tips to avoiding the race-baiting traps our friends try to set.

            First- stick on topic and facts, do not even give any ground to an accusation of racism if there is zero evidence you have acted racist in any way.  A typical method will be for your opponent to try to imply a racial motivation once they start losing on tangible topics.  I’ll give you an example.  If you are having a discussion on let’s say welfare and its impact on minorities.  Typically, if you start discussion how the government incentivizes women to get more benefits without the father in the home, that there are tangible effects of that from a family perspective.  Your opposition might pivot the discussion from the merits of family breakdown, to something like, “so black women can’t raise good kids, that’s racist”.  Of course, you have two options in this situation:

  1. Validate the thought by starting to engage in how you are not racists and go on the defensive, which plays right into their hand.They want you to be personally insulted and start defending rather than keeping on pushing the validity of the discussion.
  2. You can acknowledge that tangible impact of lack of nuclear family, which has gone from 70% of two parent homes in the black community back in the 50s, down to less than 30% now has nothing to do with black women being capable, but more to do with the positive impact of two parent homes on the community.


In the scenario above, you avoid the pivot your democrat friend would like you to take and put it back on them to discuss the changes in family dynamic the last 70 years in the black community that is factually accurate. Some good examples real-time to see of this are Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino as well as Dinesh D’Souza. When you listen to them, they break down specifics and tactics. There are plenty of YouTube videos of Dinesh and Ben especially. To that point, the democrats have done a good job of the last decades to getting white people to feel guilty for just being white. (which is actual racism) but then they turn the discussion back on you, the conservative or even just an observer with legitimate questions. Here is a video if you watch at the 1:05 mark, the white reporter is trying to race bait the black Trump supporter and he completely annihilates her narrative then gets back on topic of police violence and why he does not believe Police have it out for minorities. Another one in this same video starts at the 2:33 mark where the black trump supporter dominates a white CNN reporter to the point CNN cuts the sound on the interview to end it. Watch the whole video.

All this to say, that it is extremely easy to keep from taking the race baiting traps that your liberal friends will set for you. Stay on topic and don’t give ground to anything that is untrue. You are not a racist for using logic and reasoning. You are not a racist for wanting to use data to help support and bring up our minority communities instead of keeping them down with a government that has a 100% success rate of failure. Don’t accept the premise, don’t give ground to those who mean to twist your words and keep you defensive rather than getting your message out. The message of facts, support of our country, support of all racial communities in our country and of ONE America.

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