GOP will investigate FBI raid on Mar-a-lago if they take Senate

Senator Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate judiciary Committee recently appeared on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday show to talk about the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-lago residence. Saying there was a “double standard” when it comes to Trump compared to other political figures.

“I look at it in a larger context…and that is the fact that the FBI over a long period of time has kind of a double standard. You know you can go back to the Steele Dossier.

“You can go back to the Carter Page, FISA warrant and you can go back to the Clinton emails (Clinton emails were were Hillary Clinton destroyed vital evidence in an investigation without any consequence). And it just seems to me like there’s political bias in the FBI….You’ve heard me give evidence of political bias of starting a Trump investigation and then quitting a Hunter Biden investigation. So it’s legitimate to raise the question about the extent  to which there’s still political bias and what we are doing about it.”


“And then you go to… Attorney General Garland making a statement that he wants to be totally transparent. If he wants to be totally transparent, then he should make sure that the affidavits follow up on the warrant, and then you’d have total transparency,” Grassley added.

the Iowa senator sent a list of questions to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding answers regarding the raid, including if he personally approved it. A number of questions followed the same contrast he just laid out concerning equal application of the law. Specifically, he asked for answers over a distinction he draws out concerning the FBI’s handling of investigations into Clinton and Trump, who said he had been “working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies.” Of note, federal authorities never raided Clinton’s home. 

“Comey wrote his exoneration statement before even interviewing [Clinton]. We have Clinton destroying records. There is no evidence that that President Trump destroyed records,” Grassley explained on Saturday. “You have Clinton…we know that her server was compromised and probably national security… concerns there. And then also, there’s no evidence that the President destroyed anything, there’s no evidence that he wasn’t cooperating. And we need to know those facts.”


Grassley re-iterated the point how Trump said if the FBI wanted more documents they just needed to ask and this was back in June. Saying “Well, obviously, a raid on a former president’s house is extraordinary. It could be even a violation of his constitutional rights… And think in terms of it, that he told them if you want anymore – he said this back in June – if you want any more documents, let me know. And unless they can prove that the President wasn’t cooperating, then I think this extraordinary move has to be at least questioned and, in some instances, legitimately challenged,”

He went on to say if the Republicans take the House and/or the Senate we will “investigate” this.

“There’s a culture of political bias there that only Wray can correct,” he said. “And we need a strong program of changing that culture. And he needs to announce what it is and when it’s carried out, and heads must roll, because people should have great confidence in the number one law enforcement agency all over the United States.”





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