Google whistleblower claims they went after Trump

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies and co-author of the book Google Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Expose of Big Tech Censorship, explained how Google re-wrote their algorithms to target Trump.

In an interview with the Epoch Times Vorhies talked about how he has passed hundreds of internal documents to project Veritas in 2019, showing direct interference with the democratic votes and a YouTube search blacklist.

In his interview with the Epoch Times, Vorhies displayed internal files showing how Google ranks news stories. “This is called realtime, hive-mind scoring,” said Vorhies. “They literally built it, they re-wrote it according to the fight that Trump was having with Comey.”

The interviewer Joshua Phillipp asked if this was just Googles way to circulate top news stories. Vorhies let the Epoch Times know that with so many users going to alternative search engines the quality of search results has declined.

Phillipp noted that conservative news websites in a search analysis had been censored and some of the sites their visibility had dropped by 99.7 percent, despite “no” corresponding fall in traffic. While even stories about Joe Biden from these alternative news networks had dropped to virtually zero.

Vorhies explained that Google assigns each website a PageRank score, which it does not reveal to website owners. Vorhies noted that Google has even ignored congressional subpoenas for PageRank scores.

Phillipp went on to say, “They base the score off of what the mainstream media says, and also what Wikipedia says. Now the problem with Wikipedia is that they’ve gone from using primary sources to using secondary sources that describe the primary sources.”
“The PageRank score used to change very slowly, like the criteria was incrementally updated, without that many changes from quarter to quarter, now the changes are coming much more rapidly. That’s because the authoritativeness is changing so rapidly. So, for example, if you cite the WHO and Dr. Fauci from a year ago — today that’s going to be misinformation.”

“In other words, media organizations are controlling the entire system,” said Phillipp.



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