Gas Prices Hit Seven Year High

Former President Donald Trump released a statement saying he was sorry to hear that Americans would be confronted with higher gas prices. Since Memorial Day which passed and the coming 4th are generally very big travel days.

Gas prices across the US hit a seven year high with over 34 million drivers expected to travel for Memorial Day and just as many for the 4th of July as well causing most Americans to see large bills at the pumps.

Trump reminded people in a statement saying, “Remember as you’re watching the meter tick, and your dollars pile up, how great of a job Donald Trump did as President.” Referring to the fact that with new possible deals on the horizon with Russia, Biden’s cancellation of the keystone pipeline, and Biden’s return to receiving foreign oil from Oil Producing Exporting Countries (OPEC). We would move away from oil independence to international oil dependence in which those countries would control the prices and the US could find themselves regularly in a situation in which we could be held captive by OPEC price wars. Trump on the subject said, “Soon Russia and the Middle East will be making a fortune on oil, and you will be saying how good it was to have me as your President.”

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David Blackmon over at Forbes reported on May 25, 2021 how the recent loosening of restrictions combined with OPEC’s purposely limiting oil supply has caused an uptick in prices and will likely cause the prices to continue to rise. Saying, “Biden/Harris administration as one that will work to inhibit U.S. oil production, which will also have the effect of tightening the global market, and traders have responded by driving up the price of crude oil.”

The current average price of gas is $3.04 a gallon, according to AAA and demand reached 9.5 million barrels a day within recent weeks, which is the highest since March 13, 2020 when the pandemic shutdowns started. Since Americans are expected to take more driving vacations this summer as international travel is restricted due to Covid-19 restrictions in many countries that are causing problems for would be global travelers. This is pushing many to travel nationally and drive more.

Trump noted in a message that just a “short number of months ago” gas was under $2. No doubt eluding to the fact that since Biden administration has begun, the Colonial Pipeline was hit by a ransomware attack which resulted in the shutdown of 5,500 miles of pipeline. OPEC limiting supply, Biden administration working to inhibit U.S. oil production, and Biden canceling the Keystone pipeline which all make for a problematic combination at the pumps.

Trump issued his statement through his website: “From the desk of Donald J. Trump.”

Full statement issued by Trump can be accessed here:



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