Former Officer Derek Chauvin’s Verdict is it Justice?

April 21, 2021 the verdict for former Officer Chauvin came in guilty as charged on all three counts. This killing was tragic as all killings, deaths and assaults are. The whole world was horrified at this tragedy. To recap on May 25, 2020 George Floyd was arrested by police after a store clerk called and said he used a counterfeit $20 there. This is not justice, this is a man who broke the law repeatedly, who was a drug addict and assaulted several people including a woman with her toddler in the house. He was on Phentanal and lived a life of crime. He resisted arrest and from everything I read and saw on video had to be restrained. His chief of police testified that the officer according to the bodycam had his knee on his shoulder most of the time, but the media does not tell or show you that.

During the trial the jury had many negative threats and influences such as Rep. Waters inciting violence before the verdict if they did not find him guilty. Biden saying he’s praying they give the right verdict. This is known as jury tampering and it is against the law. The Judge said all of that left it open for an appeal. The defense was threatened with pig blood being put on their house. The jurors were never even questioned before the verdict to see if they heard the threats or if they influenced their decision. In my opinion, this verdict was absolutely guided by the mob.

After the verdict BLM said this is not justice, burn it down. Seriously, they found him guilty of 2nd degree murder which you have to have intent for, 3rd degree murder where your mind would have to be depraved and again intent, and Manslaughter which is non intentional death. So, tell me, how can they find him guilty of murder which means premeditated which requires intent. He would have had to go there with the intention of killing him, and Manslaughter which is non-intentional. It is one or the other, legally it can’t be both, these charges should have never been allowed, they make no sense. Do your own research and look up the charges and information about Mr. Floyd. If people would do their own research using many resources not just what they think is the truth but both sides I think they would see more. There definitely needed to be consequences for this but this was not a fair trial and if we allow that and turn the other way this will not be a free country anymore.

Malcolm Baker, a spokesman for BLM said if Chauvin had not been found guilty the Minneapolis police department would not have survived. When did threatening anyone, especially police become okay? Why do people allow it? Politicians took advantage of this tragedy and it became a movement. The leftists played on the emotions from this tragic death to take over and gain more control.

They have used fear mongering with COVID, Fake climate news and other fake news to control the country just as Stalin and Hitler did. We can’t let this happen.

Tucker Carlson said it well, He said “civilized countries demand above all that every citizen is held to precisely the same standard under the law as every other citizen is and that applies, no matter how popular or unpopular a particular defendant might be. It applies no matter the alleged crime. Countries like this, civilized countries, do not tolerate jury intimidation. You see it, you stop it. They don’t allow the threat of violence to influence the outcome of a trial ever, under any circumstances, that would be the opposite of justice. It would be mob rule!”

I couldn’t agree more Tucker, well said.

BLM made it clear, AMERICA IS ON TRIAL!

Some leaders in this country are giving us all over to the radical socialist communist people and before we would have never stood for it. Lately, it’s you’re racist, you’re guilty and you’re going down no matter what.

We need to stand up and stand out my friends.  What happened Americans, the people of this country have always had backbone, never used to put up with the lawless Godless communists. We need to stand up for our country, for the people that can’t stand up for themselves. We need to stand for Truth, Freedom, Peace and Unity and go through due process. This country has always seen through the obstacles, attacks and rhetoric and come together and helped one another through hard times. Everyone stood up and helped when 911 happened, we came together as a country and helped one another without judgement. It used to be that people were innocent until proven guilty.

Where are we going from here? You decide.



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