Forensic Audit, what are the leftists hiding?

In Maricopa County Arizona a forensic audit of the 2020 election is being done.

This audit and other audits are done to ensure voter integrity, especially when there are alleged inconsistencies and possible fraud. People need to know that their elections are legitimate.

This particular audit has had unbelievable resistance from the radicals. They have held back materials that were subpoenaed by the state legislature.Their argument is that submitting them would be a security risk for law enforcement and federal agencies. They have refused to send equipment and the list goes on.

Arizona state Senate claimed Maricopa County election officials tampered with election records just before the equipment was delivered to the Senate. The president of the Senate has asked the chairman of Maricopa Board of Supervisors to address “three serious issues that have arisen.” Unfortunately, the Board of Supervisors refused the invitation to meet with the State Senate to find a resolution.

Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann (R- Prescott) sent a letter to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors informing them that auditors have discovered “serious issues.” Fann talks about three particular issues: “Non-compliance of the legislative subpoena, chain of custody issues with the ballots, and evidence of database files being removed from the election management computer.”

So far they have found 17.5% discrepancies with the ballots, that is huge and they are not done. Also, there are those that would say an audit was already done. The traditional audit that would be done is a recount. This is a forensic audit which compares signatures, folds in ballots, number of ballots, electronic software and hardware etc..

The files that were allegedly erased have been found. Benn Cotton, founder one of the four firms working on the audit – said “he discovered a master file table “that clearly indicated that the database directory was deleted from the server,” reported from Epoch Times.

Why are the leftists fighting so hard to stop election audits, especially this one. It only makes sense to me that they are clearly hiding something. They are elected officials that are supposed to be fighting for you, looking out for your best interest. We have a lot of good patriotic representatives but the rest of them only care about how much money and power they can get.

If we cannot trust the people that organize for the elections and other equipment, who then do we trust? Also, if we cannot trust our representatives of the states and the country that were voted in to represent us and do everything they can for the people, Who can we trust?

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