Florida Police Heroics Save Man

All police have a daunting and difficult job. Some would say it is one of those jobs with low pay and little reward, yet they sacrifice daily to ensure our safety. While we thank our police, we also thank those citizens who take the time to care enough to call them. A passerby who saw a burning Mercedes Benz in Miami on fire did just that calling the police while two passengers exited the vehicle. However, the driver was still trapped inside.

When the two police officers arrived at the scene, they rushed into action. Neighbor Vivian Nouel said, “They were trying to bang on the windows. We got my hose, the neighbor’s hose, and we gave it to them. They were hosing it down waiting for the fire truck.”

Miami Police commander Freddie Cruz said the vehicle had been “Traveling at a high rate of speed in an eastbound direction toward the beach, and the driver lost control, hit the median, hit some trees, continued eastbound through the backyard of a home, over the pool, through the die of the home and finally came to rest in the front where the vehicle was engulfed in flames.” The link to footage of the video can be seen here: ‘I thought a bomb exploded’: Mercedes-Maybach goes up in flames after Miami crash

Once fire crews arrived, they were able to cut into the vehicle feeing the trapped man. He was later transported to the hospital in critical condition. Cruz coming out to address the situation thanked the officers saying, “I want to thank our fellow partners at Miami Beach police and our officers which assisted in breaking the windows and extracting the victim from the vehicle. They could have lost their lives and our officers were very heroic in extracting those people.”

As Cruz noted it could have been tragic not only for the people in the “backyard” but this also could have been tragic with the driver’s life lost as well. In a tweet later after the incident, the Miami Beach Police Department said it was “Praying for the driver of this crash and thankful for the efforts of the First Responders to help free the man from the burning vehicle.”



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