Evangelicals for Trump worship God and pray for the nation

Ahead of the Election “Evangelicals for Trump” gathered in Troy Michigan to worship God and pray for the country and president.
As an ordained minister and Christian, myself it was surreal the atmosphere to join many other Evangelicals in praying for our country and president.

While there were several speakers from Paula White to Samuel Rodriguez; there was one unifying theme that pervaded the rally, righteousness. As each speaker came to the platform each one encouraged prospective voters to vote not for Trump or Biden, but to simply vote righteousness and vote according to the word of God.

Starting the meeting with national anthem and the pledge of allegiance before going into all out worship of God, gave it not only a patriotic atmosphere but a much-needed sense of unity only felt by the body of Christ. Which is also needed in our American society today as we struggle to find that unity and peace as many of our major cities are rocked by riots and violence due to protests in the street caused by racial tensions and black lives matter protesters.

The words of Paula White and others who are close to President Trump highlighted the great things in their words that President Trump has done on Prison reform, pro-life front, and religious liberties.

It was refreshing to many evangelicals to hear each speaker recount their interactions but also the numerous times that Trump has specifically asked for prayer or kept his word. Citing that a man must keep his word and let his yes be yes and his no be no.
While I must admit it is not a side of Trump or of his followers portrayed in many of the mainstream media outlets. It is a side I think America welcomes and unity we are needing. It is a beautiful testament to the American spirit and the humility found in the body of Christ, and something I hope we see more of in the coming days.



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