Elon Musk meets with Pope and uses twitter to announce it

Tesla CEO Elon Musk used the social media platform Twitter to announce and showcase his meeting with Pope Francis recently.

“Honored to meet @Pontifex yesterday,” Musk tweeted of the Friday afternoon audience, alongside a photo showing Musk, Francis and four of Musk’s teenage children.

Francis frequently meets with high-profile figures in strictly private audiences that are held in a reception room of the Vatican hotel where he lives. A common talking point he uses when meeting with corporate CEOs is to appeal for them to use wealth and technology to help the poorest while caring for God’s creation.

Musk put in a $44 billion bid to buy Twitter which at the current moment still remains in limbo. On June 21, Twitters board recommended shareholders approve Musk’s offer. Even though Musk is offering much more than the shares are worth to buy the platform; there seems to be some holdouts on twitter shareholder end prompting many to wonder if the deal will actually happen or if shareholders actually want free speech?

The Vatican did not announce the audience or provide any information about what was discussed.






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