Disney executives reveal their true plan for the kids – (Video)

Our kids our and should be our greatest treasures. The should be protected at all costs. Disney who has become synonymous with family entertainment and happy times. Seems to have traded that all in for a “not so hidden agenda.”

They have been adding LGBQT characters as background people, extras and more. Not because these are who applied, or because they want to meet a quota, but they want to soften your children to this lifestyle. Now they want to get even bolder and full fledged indoctrinate your kids with transgender theory. They openly say it on zoom meeting.


They are so passionate about this new indoctrination business model. They publicly opposed the parental rights in education act  signed by governor DeSantis.

This new Disney is not only a stark 180 from the family friendly Disney of the past it is a Disney many people can do without. The only one who should be influencing the minds of kids on “gender” or “gender theory” is the parents or who or what the parents approve.

The sad thing is many parents have and some still do trust Disney with their kids and an agenda that openly wants to indoctrinate them in a manner contrary to the values of so many has broken that trust.

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