DHS Secretary Mayorkas Admits Biden is Releasing Illegal Immigrants Into US – (Video)

DHS Secretary Mayorkas was questioned by representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) about the Biden administrations policy of releasing illegals into the country while waiting for a case decision.

Gohmert well aware of the “possible” risks faced to America by releasing un-vetted illegals into the populace being a tenured congressman who sits on the homeland security committee and has introduced bills for the foreign affairs committee.



Gohmert draws attention to the point that these illegals, who have already broken the law once are then being released by the Biden administration into the general public with the hopes that they will show up for a later court date of their own free will and volition.


According to one report  only about 13% of illegals released into the United States show up for their court date. Many are never heard from again as they evade the system for many years or possibly forever.

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