DeBlasio threatens parents of children no vax no indoor restaurants (Video)

Democratic mayor on Monday announced another round of vaccine mandates for the city. He described the moves as a “preemptive strike” against the virus in light of the upcoming holiday season.

Currently in New York City you must have a vaccine passport which requires citizens to show their personal private medical information to a business in order to frequent that establishment. This also requires businesses to discriminate against unvaccinated individuals by denying them entry into the establishment.

DeBlasio said we need a “lot” more children to get the covid vaccination. He said that only 19 percent of kids in the 5-11 years range is “not enough.”

“We need to see kids getting vaccinated in that age group. Parents, we need you to step up for the good of your children, your family, all of us. Go get your child vaccinated. So we’re going to include them in the Key to NYC Pass, but only one dose required,” he noted, as he raised the requirement to two doses for everyone 12 and older.

The far left mayor even gave an ultimatum to parents telling them “As long as they’ve gotten that first dose by December 14 they can continue to participate in indoor dining, entertainment, all these great things”

Getting to the point if they do not submit to the will of the state they are forbidden under his regime from living their lives and enjoying the benefits of a social engagement in our society.

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