DeAnna Price and Brooke Anderson represent the USA with class

DeAnna Price broke multiple records in the hammer throw finals. With Price having six attempts in the women’s hammer final, five of which were good enough to place her in first place. Her fourth throw was a foul.

On her first throw she beat her previous record throwing 77.82 meters; increasing with every successive throw. On her fifth throw she threw 80.31 meters breaking all previous throw records. With that single mark she became the second woman ever to throw over 80 meters.

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The only other woman to achieve that feat is two-time Olympic gold medalist and four time world champion Anita Wlodarczyk of Poland. Who hit the 80 meter mark seven times in her career. Her world record stands at 82.98 which she got in 2016.

Brook Anderson finished second 77.72 meters. This is a staggering achievement since the U.S. has never finished better than sixth in women’s hammer. At this summers Tokyo Olympics Price is favored to become the first American woman to ever win a hammer throw medal.

One thing is sure both Price and Anderson have represented the United States with class and distinction. Congratulations and we salute you and your achievement as you salute the flag.



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