Danny Gokey opposes vaccine mandates “birthing point for mark”

Christian singer Danny Gokey who has hit No. 1 on the Christian charts said in a Twitter thread that he is not against vaccinations but rather against forced or mandated vaccinations. Saying, “If you don’t want the vaccine you shouldn’t have to,” Gokey, who is vaccinated, tweeted. “It’s the safety of this vaccine and the measures used to enforce it that I am concerned about — is it a cure? Technically ‘no’ but it is being treated like one.”

He stressed the importance of civil dialogue on such critical issues saying, “conversations are no longer a thing anymore.” A sentiment many Americans feel is being lost the ability to openly and freely discus ideas. He even highlighted the fact how in our modern age we seem to rather be “lullabied to sleep with lies” rather than have an honest conversation about the facts or the truth which he says, “always brings freedom.”

Gokey, who had to cancel his shows in 2020 along with many artists due to the global pandemic, revealed that he does not want to have to stop doing concerts again “because popular opinion grips our society and convinces people that they are only safe if we all get the vaccine.” He wrote that he will be deemed a “super spreader” by doing shows.

“Research proves that idea as incorrect, yet I’m seeing concerts being canceled, and makes me wonder if mine are next,” The 41-year-old noted. “The weird thing about this is that the COVID vaccine does not prevent transmission. CDC COVID vaccines won’t stop transmission. Fully vaccinated can still get, spread Delta strand it’s specifically designed in that way. Don’t believe me, research it for yourself.”

Gokey said while he absolutely does not believe this is the mark he thinks about that scripture in revelation that mentions “in the last day people will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.”

Saying, “But now I see, it will be accomplished through a crisis that will make people think they are not safe unless they get it, and many will think that those who don’t have the mark are very dangerous to society. Sound familiar?” he wrote. “It’s already happening in some areas of our country and the world, but it starts suddenly and has a birthing point.”

The pandemic and the division it has caused indicates society is “in the birthing point of the mark of the beast,” Gokey said.

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