Dan Bongino cancels relationship with huge sponsor

Dan Bongino the former secret service agent turned news commentator and Fox news pundit took a stand against an advertiser that has caved to the leftist mob.

During a recent show he announced that he has cut all ties with one of his largest sponsors “SimpliSafe Security” because they cancelled their advertising with the “Post Millennial”

Bongino said, “Cancelling works both ways, and to those companies that would bow down to the left-wing extremist activists who complain on twitter: if you don’t support free speech – get out! I’m not interested at all.”

The Daily Brief and Chris Russell from the Chris Russell Show are proud to stand by Bongino in his avid and outspoken defense of free speech and constitutional rights.

Chris Russell is the CEO and editor of The Daily Brief and host of The Chris Russell Show a podcast that looks at current events, cultural challenges, and challenges facing the world today from a conservative viewpoint, a philosophical twist, a patriotic perspective, and in light of biblical truth. It can be heard on Spotify, apple podcasts, or wherever you listen. Click the image below to follow him on Facebook




  1. Pat

    Love that Mr. Bongino stood up and spoke up! Not only that, his action fmatched his words! Thank you Mr. Bongino and The Daily Brief!

  2. Kai On Your Side 🌺

    Hold The Line Patriot!
    We all need to boycott and cancel the liberal left.
    Don’t feed them!


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