Cubans fight for freedom and stand up against communism

Thousands of people go to the streets in Cuba to fight against communism and for freedom.
They are peacefully demanding to end the 62-year-old communist regime. Some of them were wearing American flags and calling for freedom. This is not at no cost! Freedom always costs, either lives or jail, or whatever the consequence may be there is always something.

So, the question would be “how much is freedom worth to you or to them”? It means a lot to them because some of those that were fighting for freedom are missing. Some of them are beaten and some are put in jail. Still, they continue to fight for their freedom. To them after being under this regime, they know the only way to change it is to fight for their freedoms.

There are undercover and uniformed state security officers that attack peaceful protesters. Some bystanders recorded the sound of gunfire and public beatings of the revolutionists In Havana. The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, has ordered street “combat” to anyone that goes against the regime in a speech on Sunday.

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The so-called rebels have been very verbal about ending the communist party. They are protesting in more than 16 cities. It is said that hundreds have been arrested, some formal and some not. In other words, some are documented, and some are not. They have even arrested some journalists that were not participating in the protests but just reporting on them.

In a Havana suburb hundreds of people gathered in front of an image of Virgin Mary praying to end communism. Christians were persecuted by Fidel Castro and still are. Religion of those kinds are not allowed, gun ownership is not allowed, and the media must report only what they allow, etc.

This type of communistic type ideology is also trying to take over the United States of America. Do any of these things sound familiar? Media under control of the government, trying to take away our freedom to speak, our freedom to own a weapon and use it in self-defense if needed. Wanting people to spy on their family and friends and report so called suspicious behaviors. Starting race wars and dividing the nation. All these things are how the communists implement communism into a country. If they were to succeed taking over this country, we would have NO freedom.

So, my question again is how much is freedom worth to you?



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