Cuba signs energy and road pact with China

Cuba at one time was one of the most developed and wealthiest countries in Latin America. It is now one of the poorest due to 60 years of communist rule. The Castro dynasty has completely destroyed the country causing the Cuban people to suffer with terrible infrastructure, regular blackouts, and poor upkeep of key energy locations.
Increased blackouts, food shortages, and incidents of police brutality, among other issues, prompted nationwide protests against communism in Cuba in July.

At the time, the Chinese government expressed support for the island’s Communist Party and offered to aid it in preventing the uprising from threatening the Castro regime.

Cuban energy and mining minister Livan Arronte Cruz has announced a new collaboration with China recently. The Cuban communist party joined the official “Energy Alliance” of the Belt and Road Initiative of the “Chinese global infrastructure program.” In which the Chinese government helps develop energy programs and roads in foreign countries while gaining access to energy locations or letting those countries borrow the money from China.

Cuban ambassador to China, Carlos Miguel Pereira, said Havana and Beijing shared the goal of “amplifying and diversifying energy cooperation and collectively overcoming challenges [of] global energy development.”

The BRI is a global infrastructure initiative China launched in 2013. The Communist Party asserts that the goal of the initiative is to help developing countries advance economically by offering loans to be used on port, rail, and road projects, among others, that will make them more accessible to international trade.

This is not the first time China has helped the Cuban government. Cuba’s internet provider Etecsa which is Cuba’s sole internet provider is made up of three primary companies Huawei, TP-Link, and ZTE which all according to reports have played a key part in building Cuba’s telecommunications infrastructure.

This is the same telecommunications system which the regime uses to control its people, just as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) does within its own borders.

Many are worried about the fact that China is gaining such tactical advantage so close to the American shoreline. While it remains to be seen what will come of the deal some surmise the true benefit is to the Chinese communist cause.

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