Court Rules Recall Petition Against Governor Whitmer Can Move Forward

An appellate court in Michigan has ruled six petitions that seek to recall Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II can move forward.

In a series of rulings, the Michigan Court of Appeals said the Board of State Canvassers was right to approve the recall petitions of Whitmer. The board of canvassers initially approved seven petitions, one of those petitions was later abandoned. Whitmer plans on appealing the ruling and has released a statement:
“We plan to appeal this disappointing decision and we fully intend to beat back these irresponsible partisan attacks against the Governor in the courts, on the streets or at the ballot. This is part of a massive and coordinated attack by Republicans trying to make the Governor fail and our campaign will strenuously oppose these efforts so the Governor can keep saving lives, reopening our economy, and creating jobs.”

-Mark Fisk, Gov. Whitmer campaign spokesperson
The petitions involve the governors use of emergency powers and what some would call dictatorial mandates during the pandemic, and one dealt with her misuse of funds for travel. Since the recall petitions would need to get more than one million signatures in 60 days according to State law. They have a high bar to clear in order to actually get the governor recalled.

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