Could our country be heading down the road to tyranny?

In China’s Henan Province Wednesday, Police said a 60-year-old woman allegedly hit a government worker with her purse after being asked to show her Chinese Coronavirus health code (Vaccine Passport) as she tried to enter a building. Local police are investigating the incident.

According to Global Times, China’s health Code App is a common practice that allows government authorities to easily track Chinese Coronavirus cases and close contacts.
China’s communist party requires people to present a health code through this Government APP on their personal phones before they can go into public places because of the pandemic.

The Vaccine Passport is being fought against worldwide because it violates our civil liberties, including privacy and bodily integrity.
China has a Social Credit System and the vaccine passport is an extension of that. In this credit system the CCP gives its citizens numerical scores that show how well or poor they follow the party’s mandates. People receive lower scores from Jaywalking, giving criticism of the Chinese government online, and other things. Their score goes really low if they commit serious offenses. This low score restricts these people from doing certain things such as buying airline and other transportation tickets, buying property, or getting loans.

Wake up people! This is what’s happening here and other countries. It’s all about power and control, submission. It’s all about do this and we will let you do normal life things but if you don’t do it, we are taking everything away. No Freedom!



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