Could France be on the brink of a revolution?

Sources inside of France have told The Daily Brief that France is on the brink of revolution. Many French people who feel that their government has been held hostage and their voices not heard have taken to the streets in protest. With the Yellow Jackets out in full force angry at the government wanting the politicians to display patriotism and for them to actually fight for the french people.
Yellow Jackets are back and protesting, the movement which is called “Gilets Juanes” in French. One of the sources that spoke to The Daily Brief said many French people stand with America in her fight for freedom from liberal ideology and in France many people supported Trump for his strength and the love he showed to his country. Many of the French people want their government to show that same type of love to their country.

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General Flynn posting that this could be the next French revolution:
One source told The Daily Brief that the government has mandated vaccines and the French people want their freedom their choice back. They feel as if their voices are not being heard and their rights slowly stripped away. One thing is for sure the French people are not taking this lying down and are standing up for their freedoms and to restore patriotism to their country.



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