Churches Help the Hurting and Pray for Victims of Condo Collapse

Miami Beach pastors are praying and believing God for miracles on the recent events of the condo building collapse, which has left more than 100 people missing. Two of those people were connected to Calvary Chapel in Miami Beach.

Pastor J.P. Funk immediately looked at how he could help. As news aired footage of “Champlain Towers South in Surfside” and how they had been devastated with the collapsed side; local churches responded. They showed up and began offering support for first responders and distraught families. They also began to pray for miracles as the rescue efforts continued.

One of the closest churches to the beachside building was a Spanish speaking church called “Casa” which was right across the street. Casa offered up its building to law enforcement and quickly sent out calls for members to bring snacks and drinks. Volunteers walked through the busy tangle of media and rescue workers to deliver refreshments and words of encouragement.

Calvary Chapel Miami Beach, due to its involvement with police chaplains and the Florida Christian Peace Officers, secured permission to minister at a pop-up tent beside the collapsed building. They decided they would “covered the scene in prayer,” and the Miami Beach chief of police specifically asked them to lift up his team.

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They prayed diligently for both missing residents to be found as well as miraculous survival and to comfort those who inevitably will suffer grief due to the death toll. Pastor Funk said, “…along with prayer for miracles, our focus has been the compassion and presence of God in the midst of crisis at a human level.” He went on to say, “We pray for the families to quickly recover their loved ones remains as this causes great anguish once it is most probable that they have perished.”

Search teams finding another body recently and have brought the confirmed death toll up to 5. There are 156 residents unaccounted for currently.
In addition to local churches rising to meet the needs of people both the victims of the condo collapse but also police officers and firefighters as they work tirelessly; chaplains through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and a 40-person group through Youth With a Mission (YWAM) have also come down to Miami to provide help and spiritual care.

It is so good to see the body of Christ rising to the occasion and helping those who need love and support. Church By The Sea on their Facebook page issued a statement saying, “Strengthen us that we may help carry the burden of those who suffer, those filled with worry, concern and grief; and those who still wait to hear of loved ones. Make us bearers of hope and agents of healing. Let your love be known through all those who work to bring order to the chaos – the firefighters, emergency workers and police. Amen.”



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