Christians in Afghanistan, is there hope? What will happen?

There is a fund that monitors Christians around the world called the Barnabas Fund. They reported this week that the Christians in Afghanistan are in danger with the Taliban takeover. A good portion of these Christians are Islam Converts. These converts and their children may be killed by the Taliban.

Usually, they would kill the male adult converts, imprison the female adult converts and kill or use the children. The Taliban strictly practices Sharia which means they will most likely kill all of them, men, women, and children.

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Before the takeover by the Taliban, they deemed Christians as traitors in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is 99% Muslim.

The Christians that want to leave Afghanistan during this takeover are in grave jeopardy of being tortured and or killed. In order for them to get to the airport which is the only hope for leaving, they must get through the Taliban check points in Kabul and getting through thousands of other Afghans trying to leave. It is said that many will probably be left behind.



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