Camila Cabello to fight Florida parental rights act

Pop star Camila Cabello who actually grew up in Florida has taken aim at Florida’s Parental Rights in Action Bill  Which simply says no one will indoctrinate kids or teach them things against the parents will, when it comes sexual orientation or gender identity for children birth to 3 years.

The pop star released a statement about the issue saying that parents having the right to influence their children and above the teachers is apparently “unacceptable” she went on to say parents having primary say in their kids values is “harming LGBTQ+ youth and families”

The pop star claims that the law invites “discrimination” into Florida schools and somehow even puts these childrens lives in danger. Although she has not said how a 3 year old life would be in danger for enacting a law that puts the power of education back into the parents hands.

“As someone who grew up and still lives in Florida, I am appalled that my home state is putting the health and lives of young Floridians at risk by passing this law and inviting discrimination into our schools. We must protect every student and respect every family,” she said.

Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law doesn’t discriminate against any individual and certainly doesn’t put people’s lives in danger. The law, which makes no reference to homosexuality, simply bars the teaching of sexuality and gender theory to children in kindergarten through third grade.




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