Black unemployment on the rise under Biden and democrats

The Biden administration and democratic lawmakers in general focus on one key element highlighted in speeches and proclaimed as the key to incredible prosperity. That policy position is “racial equity” in every area.

As we enter into the second year of the Biden administration followed by what some call Bidenflation there is another problematic trend we face. Under the Biden administration and democratic control of congress; America has seen one of the largest gaps between whites and African Americans.

Under the Trump administration we saw record lows where jobs were being added and all racial groups were benefiting especially Blacks. They saw some of the lowest unemployment in history hitting as low 5.5 % shattering the lowest recorded record of 6 percent.

Today under the Democratically controlled congress black unemployment is once again on the rise. It has shot up to 7.1 percent, while at the same time widening the gap between whites and blacks that president Trump had essentially closed.

As a result black unemployment is now more than twice the white unemployment rate. As a matter of fact at 220 percent the white unemployment rate, the racial gap is tied with the second-highest of this century.

The 1970’s inflation is not the only thing making a come back from the 70’s. The long-term average, going back to the 1970s, is for the black unemployment rate to be 215 percent of the white unemployment rate. Since the turn of the century, the gap has averaged slightly less than 200 percent.

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