Biden’s Top Economic Adviser Says Easter Was in March by Mistake to Explain Why Unemployment Numbers were so Low.

White House Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors Cecilia Rouse; President Joe Bidens top economic adviser mistakenly said Easter was in the month of March in 2021. She actually attributed the odd claim as the reason why unemployment numbers were much worse than expected.

Saying, “I think Easter happened in March this year, the seasonal adjustments were a little funny within the BLS report,”

This comes amid a very disappointing economic report showing that the job creation was not just bad but that it was off by three quarters. Meaning that this road to recovery could take a lot longer than expected, and that the Biden administration could possibly facing a discouraging economic trend.

Cecilia Rouse stressed that there would be some “choppiness” in the month to month numbers and has encouraged people to look at the overall trends to see where those go.

Although consumer sentiment has crashed in first few weeks of May and retail sails in April have remained completely unchanged from March, Rouse has said, “I think it’s really important not to read too much into that one report.”

She warned that because of the pandemic this would basically be a long  struggle to restoring the American economy.

“Let’s face it, the pandemic — we all hope to be on the other side of the pandemic, you know, next year,” she said. “There may be some tailwinds, you know, just because, again, this was unprecedented.”



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