Biden’s Job Approval in Arizona Plummeting

Joe Biden was the first democratic nominee to take Arizona’s electoral college votes in over 20 years, but according to a recent poll his approval rating in the Grand Canyon State is down considerably.

A new poll from Arizona polling firm OH Predictive insights shows that Bidens overall approval rating is down especially on key issues.

Biden’s job approval rating on key issues is underwater, registering a negative 31% on immigration, negative 14% on the economy and negative 17% on foreign policy. The president also is underwater, although only slightly, on the coronavirus (negative 2%) and the environment (negative 4%).

Biden’s approval among suburban women, the same demographic that drove opposition to Trump, is just 41%. The president’s approval among “parents of minor children” is only slightly better at 45%.

The Poll did find that while his approval rating is down among independents, likely voters, parents, and suburban women it is strong with democrats, but does differ according to age. Democrats 18–54 give the president a 77% job approval rating; those age 55 and up give him a 92% rating. Showing that many hard-core democrats seem to be happy with the direction the country is going.

According to Mike Noble Chief of research for OH Predictive insights who said in a statement “It isn’t surprising that Biden’s approval ratings among Democrats and Republicans are contrary of each other.” He went on to say, “However, independents in a key battleground state rescinding their approval of the president is worth paying attention to if Biden is looking to improve his numbers in Arizona.”

Overall, 55% of Arizona voters disapprove of the job Biden is doing as commander in chief, with only 35 % of independents approving turning Arizona into a key battleground state.



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