Biden tells weird story about putting a dead dog on ladies porch

Joe Biden on Tuesday touted his American Rescue Plan and infrastructure bill signed into law last year at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference.

As he talked about how proud he was at raising taxes to pay for his plan, how he is proud of the state of the economy and the general basic applause the the American people should give him. His speech took a turn.

Per usual his speech was side tracked as he veered into left field telling a strange story of when he was a county councilman.

“My name’s Joe Biden and I used to be a county councilman. And I ran for the Senate because it was too darn hard to be on the council,” Biden said.

Biden proceeded to tell a story about a Republican woman who called him one night complaining about a dead dog on her lawn.

“So I went over there, I picked it up – she said ‘I want it out of my front yard’ – I put in on her doorstep,” Biden joked.


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