Biden set to blame businesses for inflation

According to a reports the White House is considering a plan to blame businesses for raising prices on consumers. As businesses are recovering a profitability for companies rise post pandemic its reported according to the Washington Post that he plans to accuse them of enjoying their profits.

While many are waiting to see how far Biden and this administration will go to put the blame for record inflation on American companies.

“If the private sector doesn’t step up, we’re going to call them out and ask them to act,” he warned in October.

But inflation continues to rise at record levels. In October, inflation pushed prices of consumer goods up by the most in three decades.

The president has tried to team up with large retailers to reassure Americans that there will not be shortages of goods during the Christmas and Thanksgiving season.

“Walmart and Target have made public today what they told me about a week ago: that they’re stocked up for the holiday season, their inventories are up, and they’ll have all the toys, food, and other items that shoppers are looking for in the holiday season,” Biden said at an event in Detroit last week. “That’s going to happen.”

But the White House remains unprepared to handle rising inflation on Biden’s watch.

With upwards of sixty-two percent of Americans and forty-one percent of Democrats blaming Biden for the mishandling of the economy and rising inflation, the White House is struggling to shift the blame onto American entrepreneurs and voters.
While Biden and the administration have admitted that inflation is becoming and is a problem. In July Biden shrugged off the inflation as a non-issue. His lack of inaction some say has brought us to where we are today.



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