Biden official tells Texas judge we want more Central American Migrants

On August 13, a federal judge gave the federal government 7 days to detain new migrants or send them back to Mexico under President Donald Trump”s Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) rules.

On August 16, the administration asked the judge suspend his seven-day rule, pending the eventual outcome of appeals by government lawyers.

The Biden administration wants to “strengthen legal pathways for those who choose to or must migrate,” said one August 16 legal response by Ricardo Zuniga, a state department official now overseeing Central American issues.

To achieve that goal, Zuniga said: The United States must establish long-term strategic partnerships with the governments in the region to catalyze structural change … [and create] a comprehensive policy framework to address regional migration that includes adequate protection, expanded legal pathways, and regional solutions.

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Zuniga went on to indicate if the judgement is upheld regional partners and international organizations will be less inclined to cooperate with the U.S. in implementing its broader long-term foreign policy goals, including the Root Causes Strategy and the Collaborative Migration Management Strategy if migrants are not allowed to cross the border.

The Collaborative Migration Management Strategy is a policy that seeks to extract workers and consumers from poor countries via a series of regulation-created migration routes, regardless of Congress’ or immigration laws.

The August 16 filing came in response to Kacsmaryk’s ruling on August 13. The judge ruled:

By ignoring its own previous assessment on the importance of deterring meritless asylum applications without “a reasoned analysis for the change [ending MPP],” Defendants acted arbitrarily and capriciously.

Kacsmaryk also directed officials to comply with the law requiring the detention of migrants until they win their asylum claims:

Accordingly, Section 1225 provides the government two options vis-à-vis aliens seeking asylum: (1) mandatory detention; or (2) return to a contiguous territory. Failing to detain or return aliens pending their immigration proceedings violates Section 1225.
Without MPP, Defendants only remaining option under Section 1225 is mandatory detention. But DHS admits it does not have the capacity to meet its detention obligations under Section 1225 because of “resource constraints.”

Under these particular circumstances, where Defendants cannot meet their detention obligations, terminating MPP necessarily leads to the systemic violation of Section 1225 as aliens are released into the United States because Defendants are unable to detain them.

The Biden administrations plea to suspended immigration law in order to release in the us population more illegal immigrants was denied:

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Full case and docket number are:
The case is Texas v. Biden, No. 2:21-cv-00067-Z in District Court for the Northern District of Texas.



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