Biden and Putin’s Tea Party at the Summit?

President Biden’s meeting at the Summit with Vladimir Putin was a dialogue of weakness and one of defense of Russia. They talked about the cyber-attack which Putin denied any involvement in. Putin said, “The United States is actually the biggest cyberbully in the world.”

Some of the Summit highlights:

Reporter: “Mr. President, you said the hacks came from inside Russia.”

Biden: “Vladimir’s innocent, it was just some criminals in Russia that did the hack…I gave him a list of 16 infrastructures that are off limits.”

A reporter asked “Why do you think Vladimir will stop doing this” and he said “because Vladimir cares about world opinion. He cares about what people think about him and he wouldn’t want to hurt his popularity in the rest of the world.”

Another reporter asked “did you ask Vladimir for help to get to the bottom of the China virus?” and Biden said “no we didn’t talk about that.”

CNN reporter said to Biden “Why are you confident that Putin will change his behavior?”

Biden frustrated said “I’m not confident, what the hell, what are you doing? I never said I was confident. What I did say, what I did say was, what will change their behavior is when the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in the world. I’m not confident of anything I’m just stating the facts.”

Out on the tarmac Biden apologized to the reporters for being short and said “To be a good reporter you’ve got to be negative; you have to have a negative view of life seems to me, the way you all never ask a positive question.”

Biden also said “he raised the importance of human rights. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech. He said “his agenda is not against Russia or anyone else, it’s for the American people. Fighting Covid, re-establishing relationships around the world our allies and friends and protecting the American people. That’s my responsibility as the President.”

“I also told Putin that no President of the United States could keep faith with the American people if they did not speak out to defend our Democratic values to stand up for fundamental and universal freedoms that all men and women have in our view. It’s part of our DNA. So, I told him human rights will always be on the table.”

“I told him that unlike other countries including Russia, we’re uniquely a product of an idea. You’ve heard me say it before and I’m going to keep saying it. What’s the idea? We don’t derive our rights from the government, we possess them because we’re born, and we yield them to a government.”

Biden gave Vladimir a platform where he attacked the United States unchallenged. Vladimir said “in American cities everyday people are killed. That includes leaders of various organizations. You can’t say a word about it. You don’t have time to say a word and somebody is killed. The entire movement developed known as Black Lives Matter. I’m not going to comment on that but here’s what I do want to say, what we saw was disorder, destruction, violations of the law, etc.”

“Bottom line, I told Putin we need to have some basic rules of the road that we can all abide by.”

The meeting wrapped up earlier than expected.

Okay so let me get this straight. Biden had this Summit meeting with Vladimir and nothing was accomplished. The United States walked away with nothing and Putin got what he wanted. He didn’t talk about some of the things he should have like the China virus.

Then he hands Vladimir a list of 16 infrastructures he cannot attack. Really? Did he show the list to anyone else? Does he think writing it down and giving it to him is going to make him not do it. He basically said for him to attack by doing that.

What about the rest of the infrastructures? It seems to me with Biden trying to get the infrastructure bill passed what better way than to give a list so these structures will be attacked and Biden will get his bill. I know maybe that’s out there but he shouldn’t have done that. He is very naive and weak.

Does he really think that Russia, or China or any other countries care what people think about them? Does he think you can sit down and write out rules and they will follow? Does he think he can appease them and everyone will come together in perfect harmony? Does he think that the problems of our world can be solved with some kind words, a pen and a piece of paper? I don’t think so.

These are people that control people. What people think of them is not something they’re worried about. Putin is like a mob boss. He is not good to his people or anyone else. He has falsely imprisoned people, killed people, etc… These countries would take us down the first chance they got. They don’t care about anything but money and power.

If Biden’s administration is so much for the people and their rights than why is crime up exponentially in the blue states especially? Why is he not helping the people of America? If he cares so much, why is he trying to take away our rights? They have been trying hard to take away the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, religious freedoms, etc…

Why are groups allowed to go around and kill and harm Americans and cause riots with no consequences? Why are people shoplifting and only getting small fines no matter what they take? Why are there so many people unemployed and living on the streets? Why doesn’t he start helping this country before others? He said himself taking care of America and Americans is his responsibility as the president.

I pray that God intervenes and gives Godly wisdom to our leaders and heals our land.

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