Biden administration refusing to deport illegals

There has been a dramatic curb in deportations by this administration that has been extended to all types of illegal immigrants living in the United States, even those with criminal convictions.

New data obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request from the Center for Immigration Studies shows there has been a drastic change in the implementation of immigration policies and unwillingness to deport even the most violent offenders those who have committed heinous crimes such as assault, kidnapping , sexual assault, and even homicide.

During Biden’s first six months in office these deportations dropped to the lowest levels in decades.

In total, deportations of illegal immigrants from Jan. 21, 2021, through July 9, 2021, dropped by 90 percent compared with the same time period in 2019, the last year before the COVID-19 pandemic, which ground attempted migration into the United States to a near halt.

To put it in perspective The 2021 fiscal year saw 1.7 million migrant arrests on the southern border, more than any other year on record. In fiscal years 2013 through 2019, border arrests averaged around 540,000 annually.

The drop in deportations is due to a mix of factors, according to the report’s author. Biden promised to pause removals for his first 100 days in office, and new bureaucratic procedures from political appointees have made it nearly impossible for ICE agents to carry out their mission. Jessica Vaughan, who wrote the report and is the director of policy studies at the center, said the Biden administration has paralyzed immigration enforcement at a time when border crossings have reached unprecedented levels.

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