Biden admin says looking to redefine “woman”

The US agency for internal development has released a document, titled “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment,” which redefines womanhood and seeks to undermine the gender binary. The term refers to men and women “in all their diversity,” a term they explain “includes the full range of gender identity and/or gender expression, sex characteristics, sexual orientation, and other intersectional characteristics.”

The document goes on to explain that there are not just man or woman but at least 40 variations. Although it doesn’t explain what these other 40 are.

The term “gender binary” is defined as a “system in which gender is socially constructed into two categories of men and women.” This construct is based on biology.

Rebecca Oas, the Director of Research of the Center for Family and Human Rights, explained in a post that “[t]he draft policy was circulated for a brief comment period, which recently ended,” going on to say, “The U.S. agency in charge of international development assistance will release the final version, which will replace the 2020 policy released under the Trump administration.”

Oas also noted, “These policies do not carry the force of law, but they do guide the work of vast U.S. government agencies, and often contain controversial elements that would encounter much stronger scrutiny—and resistance—if they were proposed in legislation.”

She also pointed out the radicalism of the Biden Administration’s approach, noting, “Oddly, the gender policies under Obama and Trump were more similar than the evolving gender policies under Biden. Obama and Trump policy still adhered to the man-woman binary.”



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