Bar owner attacked by BLM shoots attackers in self-defense

Jake Gardener a bar owner in Omaha Nebraska. On May 30th Gardner’s father allegedly asked some Black Lives Matter protesters outside the Gatsby bar owned by Jake Gardener to leave and pushed one of them. An unidentified man can be seen pushing the elder Gardner back, and the son intervened. Jake Gardener had a handgun in his waistband and showed one of the protesters during the confrontation.

Two protesters jumped on Gardner’s back and he fired a couple of warning shots, the county attorney said. Within a couple of minutes, Scurlock jumped into the struggle, according to authorities. Mr. Gardner told police that he was put in a chokehold and he told the protesters to let him go. He claims he felt that his life was in danger or that they might do great bodily harm. That is when Scurlock was shot and killed.

There has been a fury of anger over the incident and Mr. Gardener. No charges were going to be brought against Mr. Gardener citing it was an act of self-defense, but the Scurlock family was pressing for prosecutors to prosecute him. The Scurlock family wanted Mr. Gardener brought before a grand jury and were seeking to petition the country at large.

Unfortunately, hours before Gardener was supposed to go to court for manslaughter and other charges, he committed suicide. His attorney said on KETV7 “there was no way for him to defend himself from the social media lies.” His attorney Dornan said “who can blame” Gardner for not believing he would get a fair trial. He said he was frustrated that he did not have the opportunity to prove Gardner’s innocence. “I’m angry he didn’t have the opportunity for a fair trial, for a fair hearing,” Dornan said.” (KETV7).



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