Do the majority of democrats lean fascists? Do they support censorship?

According to a new Rasmussen poll in which Americans were asked, “Which is better — for the owners of social media like Facebook and Twitter to regulate what is posted to make sure people are not offended or to allow free speech without interference?”

Overall, the 51 percent of those polled want big tech to leave us alone. Thirty-Five percent openly advocated for big tech censorship of contrary or offensive not violent only offensive ideas or contrary political ideas. While 14 percent were unsure either way.

The study goes on to say, “While a majority of Americans still think social media sites should permit free speech, most Democrats want companies like Twitter and Facebook to regulate content on their platforms.”

With the open banning of political candidates or expression of ideas 57 percent of self identified Democrats openly say they approve of the blacklisting of opposing ideas or opposition political rivals.

Thankfully in a free market and capitalist society we are starting to see the counter to Big Tech censorship with the rise of “Rumble,” “GETTR,” and other social media platforms that base their platform on the constitutional right of freedom of speech.

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