Apple threatened to remove Facebook from APP store

According to the “Wall Street Journal” the tech giant Apple threatened to remove Facebook from its App store in 2019.

This followed a report from BBC News that claimed human trafficking was taking place on the social media platform, stating groups posing as employment agencies were advertising domestic workers against their will that they could supply to middle east markets.

The Journal in an article titled “Facebook Employees Flag Drug Cartels and Human Traffickers. The Company’s Response Is Weak, Documents Show,” how Facebook failed to crack down on illegal activity on its platform after being alerted to the issues by employees.

The Journal wrote:

Scores of internal Facebook documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show employees raising alarms about how its platforms are used in some developing countries, where its user base is already huge and expanding. They also show the company’s response, which in many instances is inadequate or nothing at all.

Employees flagged that human traffickers in the Middle East used the site to lure women into abusive employment situations in which they were treated like slaves or forced to perform sex work. They warned that armed groups in Ethiopia used the site to incite violence against ethnic minorities. They sent alerts to their bosses on organ selling, pornography and government action against political dissent, according to the documents.

Facebook removed some pages, though many more operate openly, according to the documents.

Full Wall Street Journal article can be accessed here.

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