Analyst says toilet paper shortage coming to a home near you

According to Elise Freedman who is senior client partner at Korn Ferry a global organizational consulting firm that’s advising companies on their return-to-work strategies.

Elise says, “Early indications are that the same sorts of toilet paper shortages that hit homes in 2020 could also plague office restrooms once workers return in volume,” according to Freedman toilet paper may not be the only household commodity that will be in short supply. There may be shortages of desks and even refrigerators. There are already shortages for car parts, Christmas toys, beef, and microchips as the Biden administration struggles to keep ports successfully operating and using their incompetency as a chance to push for infrastructure spending to push through massive spending.

While the most recent shortage of items continues to increase consumer prices such as the price of meat increasing 15.6 percent since August last year as well as fish and eggs increasing by about 10.5 percent since 2020. Even some school districts are starting to be affected as some are rationing forks and spoons at schools.

President Biden’s supply chain crisis is reportedly due to the trucking industry being short 80,000 truck drivers. President and CEO of the American Trucking Association told CNN the trucking industry is 30 percent short of what the supply chain is demanding to deliver products on time.

Drivers are reportedly in short supply due to far-left policies at the state and federal levels of paying workers not to work via large unemployment benefits.

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