Why support for BLM is waning

What started as a movement based on the death of a man who was being arrested by police and had garnered the support of a cross-section of Americans is now seeing that support turn. Americans watched over the last two years as protesters layed siege across the country to many major cities in the name or vain of racial justice.

A poll was taken and:
Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they believe that cities across America were quote “under siege” by protesters. This is according to an Ipsos poll recently released.
The USA Today/Ipsos poll released indicates that the majority of Americans disproved of the fact that some cities are were taken over by protesters they also felt there is a partisan divide driving the riots.

Poll results are as follows:

  • 64% of all Americans say cities were under siege by protesters
  • 71% of Americans in rural areas believing cities were under siege
  • 48% of Democrats say they believe cities were under siege
  • 83% of Republicans say cities were under siege
  • 59% of Americans residing in urban areas say cities were under siege

The partisan split according to the poll is how the government should handle the violence in these ongoing protests.
According to the poll most republicans 82% say the government has a duty and should send police to quell the violence and get protests under control. Compare that with only 35% of Democrats who feel more police should be deployed leaving the protesters to govern themselves.

We saw this played out on the political stage with President Trump being cited as the “law and order” president and continuously taking the law and order approach to quell the violence in areas where local officials have let or asked him for help when he was in office. Presidential nominee Joe Biden at the time continuously supported protesters, he himself calling for racial justice and his campaign donating to bail funds to get violent protesters out of jail. Poll also shows that only 33% of democrats said they would arm themselves against protesters to protect their private property or themselves 77 percent of Republicans said they would arm themselves against violent protesters.

This clear and dividing line in the thinking of how the protests should be handled to the supporting of paying into bail funds by the Biden campaign is the type of issues that “could” cost Biden and the democrats the election this year. With the impact of covid-19 shutdowns hitting the American economy and the majority of Republicans 83% seeing cities under siege combined with 48% of Democrats believing they are this could spell an overall disaster in the layout of the election and the rising tide of why so many people are beginning to walk away from the democratic party these past 2 years.

This problem will only be exemplified by the inability of a lack luster candidate like Joe Biden as he stumbles over his words in many interviews. With Americans remembering that many democrats used and still use exploitative language such as the system must be burnt down and other phraseology’s . We could see many fed up patriots storming the poll booths this midterm and making Biden a lame-duck president.




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