Abortions Temporarily Halted

Missouri is the first state to have no more active abortion facilities, praise God.

According to the Washington examiner in 2020 a total of 45 abortion facilities closed or stopped abortion procedures. However, Missouri was the first State to stop them completely according to Rescue’s yearend report.

They have not been legally stopped, they do not have appointments now or any scheduled in the future, this was confirmed by a pro-life organization “they are no longer doing the procedures, but they are referring out to other facilities”.

The facilities voluntarily stopped surgical abortions in Missouri after a licensing issue, when the facility was found unsafe and out of compliance with state abortion regulations. All victories big and small are babies lives saved. I praise God for every child that is protected and saved and pray the God will continue to intervene and totally abolish every abortion clinic in every state. I pray that God will open people’s eyes and let them see these are human lives and that they matter.



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