Abortion Bills in Texas go through Senate

Several pro-life bills have gone through the Texas state senate.

The Texas abolition strategy:  is the “heartbeat” measure where if a heartbeat is detected they cannot abort.

The Pre-born Non-discrimination Act:  which would stop abortions that are done because of sex, disability, or ethnicity of an unborn baby.

Regulating Abortion inducing drug act: This would make the mail delivery of drugs that induce abortion illegal.

The Trigger abortion ban act: this would abolish all remaining elective abortions in Texas, if the supreme court overturns Roe V. Wade.

Every mothers act: this would require women seeking abortions to be able to obtain free resources and counseling by a medical or mental professional. They would give accurate information about the abortion. Give her and her family assistance, and screening for abuse, neglect and human trafficking.

Also, SB650: would block taxpayer funded abortion logistical support. Banning supplying funds for costs that are indirectly associated with obtaining an abortion.

These are good steps, going forward with protecting babies that cannot protect themselves. I hope and pray all states do the same.

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