Abandoned to the arms of the Taliban and forgotten by an Administration

This whole thing with Afghanistan is so ridiculous. There are reports of the hundreds of people left behind some hiding in fear for their lives. There was a pregnant woman that said the Taliban kicked her in the stomach and will not let her leave. An American man and his 3-year-old boy were abandoned there, and the Taliban beat them both and they will not let them leave.

They are forcing women to wear burkas and are not allowed outside without a male escort. They have no future because of Sharia Law. Let’s look at Sharia law for those that don’t know exactly what it is.

The Taliban have been known for their strict interpretation of Sharia, including punishments such as public executions of convicted murderers and adulterers. However, Isis is even stricter with the interpretation of Sharia law. Isis, will behead and amputate limbs, torture and kill people with no reason. The Taliban is more about Afghanistan where Isis wants to torture and kill all of humanity apart from themselves.

Under Sharia law, women can be beaten. Women are considered inferior to men. The Q-ran says husbands can beat their wives even if they think they might be disobedient. They do not have to be disobedient to beat them. The testimony of women is only worth half of a man’s testimony.

Marriage and sexual intercourse are allowed with pre-pubescent girls. Women do not have the same divorce rights as their husband. The wife cannot do anything without the husband’s permission, not even pray. Men are allowed to have multiple wives. Women lack faith and intelligence.

Under Sharia law raping female captives is permissible, female slaves even when the man is married. These are barbaric cruel practices, and it matters when these laws are affecting Americans and allies that were abandoned in Afghanistan by the Biden Administration. They are lying when they say it’s a victory. They left hundreds of people there and service dogs as well. There are approximately 4,000 students and staff at the American University of Afghanistan that remain in Kabul. They were abandoned, left to be dealt with by the Taliban.

We’ve had some cold Administrations, but I think this one takes the cake. They are not only abandoning people over there and making deals with terrorists, but they are also trying to turn America into the same type of place. Where people have no rights, and you go to jail or pay in some way for being disobedient to them. We need to stand up against this before it’s too late.

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