A vote for Larry Elder is a vote against ‘diversity’

According to Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) voting for his opponent Larry Elder in the recall election is a vote against “racial justice.”

Newsom in a recent speech spent most of the speech attacking the Elder, who is African American and was born and raised in Compton. Newsom stated that Elder’s views on race were out of touch with the left and apparently the democrats views. This is ironic since Elder believes as most people believe in racial equality and Newsom who is white is saying the only way to achieve that is to keep the white man in office and reject the conservative African American.

In addition to the attacks leveled at Elder by Gov. Gavin Newsom, he has also remained silent on the attacks leveled by others such Black Lives Matter leader saying elder is the “black face of white supremacy” or Elder being pelted with eggs on the campaign trail.

Newsom’s speech which was riddled with falsehoods claiming Elder believes that men are smarter than women. (Elder — writing in 2000 — had cited a University of Pennsylvania study, run by a female researcher, that measured women’s and men’s knowledge of current events (she called her findings “perplexing”).

He also claimed Elder believed that slave owners should be paid reparations for their freed slaves. (Elder, in a discussion of reparations with Candace Owens, mentioned that the United Kingdom had compensated its slave owners when it abolished slavery to avoid conflict over the issue, using that example to make the point that reparations was a complicated topic.)

Newsom delivered his closing message ahead of remarks by Joe Biden who flew in to support the Democratic governor. Both Biden and Newsom believe California doesn’t need Larry Elders leadership. Elder if Elected would make the first African American Gov. in California.

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